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Distribution Proceeding - Satellite TV - 2016 claims only

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2016 SD (claims)

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17-CRB-0016-SD 2016

Claims List

Claim # Filer Claimant Joint Filer City Filer State Date Received Operations
1 Jacob C Parker Jacob C Parker Hattiesburg MS 07-01-2017 View Claim
2 Mary Ann Esposito Mary Ann Esposito Durham NH 07-02-2017 View Claim
3 Dillon Kastner Cinema Seven Productions Haslemere United Kingdom 07-05-2017 View Claim
4 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington DC 07-05-2017 View Claim
5 Nadine Pequeneza Nadine Pequeneza Toronto ON, Canada 07-05-2017 View Claim
6 Mindy Laxer Apartment 11 Productions Inc. Montreal QC, Canada 07-05-2017 View Claim
8 Tina Lee Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC) or AAA Costa Mesa AL 07-05-2017 View Claim
9 DAVID A KIMBALL JOINT Los Angeles CA 07-05-2017 View Claim
10 Ivy Tombak Murad, Inc. Los Angeles CA 07-06-2017 View Claim
11 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Exempt JOINT New York NY 07-06-2017 View Claim
12 Broadcast Music, Inc. Exempt JOINT New York NY 07-06-2017 View Claim
13 Scott E Holme Carsey Werner Encino CA 07-06-2017 View Claim
14 This Old House Ventures, LLC This Old House Ventures, LLC Stamford CT 07-06-2017 View Claim
15 Hometime Video Publishing, Inc. Hometime Video Publishing, Inc. CHASKA MN 07-06-2017 View Claim
16 Julie Rosendo Travelscope Inc Topanga AL 07-06-2017 View Claim
17 VideoIndiana, Inc. VideoIndiana, Inc. Indianapolis IN 07-06-2017 View Claim
18 Scholastic Entertainment Inc. Scholastic Entertainment Inc. New York NY 07-06-2017 View Claim
19 Joanne Silva Zuffa, LLC Las Vegas NV 07-06-2017 View Claim
20 Dwayne L Stice WPSD-TV, LLC Paducah KY 07-07-2017 View Claim
21 Daniel L Jackson Raycom TV Broadcasting, Inc. dba KCBD, LLC Lubbock TX 07-07-2017 View Claim