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Determination of Rates and Terms for Digital Performance of Sound Recordings and Making of Ephemeral Copies to Facilitate those Performances (Web V)

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Web V

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19-CRB-0005-WR (2021-2025)
Status Inactive The Copyright Royalty Judges are required by section 803(b)(1(A) of the Copyright Act to publish notice of commencement of the upcoming proceeding to establish the next period’s rates and terms for webcasting licenses under sections 112 and 114. Due to the partial government shutdown, the Office of the Federal Register is not accepting documents for publication unless they meet strict criteria relating to public safety and welfare. We have been informed by the Office of the Federal Register that CRB documents do not meet these criteria. The CRB will publish the requisite notice and call for petitions to participate when the Federal Register is again open to receive publication requests.



# Title Type Participant(s) Date
3606 Placeholder - 2 - will be removed   Federal Register Publication Copyright Royalty Board 01/04/2019 12:00 PM EST