Case Information


Determination of Distribution of 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 Cable Royalty Funds (at Phase II)

Short name

2000-03 CD Phase II Remand (IPG/SDC)

Docket Number

2008-2 CRB CD 2000-2003 (Phase II) (Remand)
Status Open


  • Independent Producers Group (IPG) – Participant
  • Settling Devotional Claimants (SDC) – Participant
  • Joint Sports Claimants – Interested Party
  • Motion Picture Association, Inc. (MPA) – Interested Party
  • MPAA – Withdrawn


Unique Doc. # Title Type Party Date
22758 Order Granting MPA-Represented Program Suppliers and Joint Sports Claimants Leave to File Supplemental Responses to August 28 Order Order Copyright Royalty Board 09/24/2020 12:39 PM EDT
20218 Order Granting SDC Motion for Final Distribution Order of Distribution Copyright Royalty Board 01/09/2020 02:49 PM EST
22074 Order Granting SDC the Opportunity to Respond to IPG’s Assertion of Confidentiality Order Copyright Royalty Board 05/05/2020 06:09 PM EDT
4663 Order Granting Settling Devotional Claimants' Motion for Relief from Protective Order Order Copyright Royalty Board 07/09/2019 12:10 PM EDT
22757 Order Granting the Settling Devotional Claimants Leave to Disclose Restricted Appendix to MPA-Represented Program Suppliers and the Joint Sports Claimants Order Copyright Royalty Board 09/23/2020 05:19 PM EDT
3737 Order Reopening Record Order Copyright Royalty Board 03/04/2019 03:36 PM EST
3800 Order Scheduling Further Proceedings on Remand Order for Further Proceedings Copyright Royalty Board 03/20/2019 03:11 PM EDT
4866 Order Staying Deadlines Order Copyright Royalty Board 07/18/2019 01:25 PM EDT
22075 Order to Show Cause Why Restricted Appendix to Order Directing Parties to Review Calculations of Apportionment of Accrued Interest should not be Disclosed to MPA and JSC Order to Show Cause Copyright Royalty Board 05/05/2020 06:43 PM EDT
2260 Proposed Order Denying IPG Motion to Strike and for Sanctions Proposed Order Settling Devotional Claimants (SDC) 03/16/2018 09:40 AM EDT