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Determination of Rates and Terms for Making and Distributing Phonorecords (Phonorecords IV)

Short name

Phonorecords IV

Docket number

21-CRB-0001-PR (2023-2027)
Status Open Bifurcated per May 24, 2022 order.


  • Services LLC – Participant
  • Apple Inc. – Participant
  • Copyright Owners – Participant
  • Google LLC – Participant
  • Johnson, George – Participant
  • Joint Record Company Participants – Participant
  • Nashville Songwriters Association International – Participant
  • National Music Publishers' Association – Participant
  • Pandora Media, LLC – Participant
  • Powell, David – Participant
  • Sony Music Entertainment – Participant
  • Spotify USA Inc. – Participant
  • UMG Recordings, Inc. – Participant
  • Warner Music Group Corp. – Participant
  • Zisk, Brian – Participant
  • Broadcast Music, Inc. – Interested 3rd Party
  • MCNA – Interested 3rd Party
  • SoundExchange – Interested 3rd Party
  • SoundCloud Operations Inc. – Withdrawn


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23421 Download Notice announcing commencement of proceeding with request for petitions to participate (86 FR 325) Federal Register Publication Copyright Royalty Board 01/05/2021 10:31 AM EST
23738 Download Notice of Appearance [Greenstein, Jih, Rees, Zang, Benyamin, Davis] Notice of Appearance Google LLC 02/03/2021 10:17 PM EST
23739 Download Notice of Appearance [Angstreich, Panner, Pope] Notice of Appearance Services LLC 02/04/2021 01:49 PM EST
23744 Download Copyright Owners' Notice of Appearances [Zakarin, Scibilia, Semel, Weigensberg, Cooperman] Notice of Appearance Copyright Owners 02/05/2021 01:03 PM EST
23746 Download Notice of Participants, Commencement of Voluntary Negotiation Period, and Case Scheduling Order Scheduling Order Copyright Royalty Board 02/09/2021 05:41 PM EST
23825 Download Notice of Settlement in Principle Notice of Settlement Joint Record Company Participants, Copyright Owners 03/02/2021 12:31 PM EST
23881 Download George Johnson's Motion to Preserve All Constitutional Rights, Claims, and Issues Motion Johnson, George 04/19/2021 08:56 AM EDT
23883 Download George Johnson’s Notice of Motion Objecting to NMPA, NSAI, SME, UMG, and WMG’S Settlement and Pending “Motion” Notice Johnson, George 04/19/2021 03:45 PM EDT
23890 Download Notice of Change of Address of Allison L. Stillman Notice - Other Spotify USA Inc. 05/03/2021 11:18 PM EDT
23892 Download Order Denying Motion of George Johnson to Preserve All Constitutional Rights, Claims, and Issues Order Copyright Royalty Board 05/04/2021 04:23 PM EDT