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Shawntae McCartney
TaeWannaPlay Fashion Merchandising Productions
11251 Rancho Carmel Dr. 503392
San Diego, CA 92150
Phone: 858-312-9701
James Robeson(Jimmy)
Jesse A. McCartney, Shawntae McCartney, Aaron Carter
Marshall Mathers(Slim Shady), Mark Porter (Marky)
Elliott Evan Giffis
Robert Scott Robeson (Scotty), Lea McCartney, Tony J. Green
Kevin Thornton, Sharrah Robeson Stevens
Drew (Justin Bieber) , (CheckTheStar) Micgeul Garcia S.
Eric Clapton
Cynthia C. Turner Green, Evan E. Valdes
Shawntae Green, Everett V. Valdes, Timothy McCartney
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The claimant is the owner of the exclusive right under section 106(1) of the Copyright Act to reproduce a sound recording of a musical work that has been embodied in a digital musical recording or analog musical recording lawfully made under the Copyright Act and that was distributed in 2022.
Title of one musical work or sound recording
Your Eyes They Take Me There

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