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Determination of Rates and Terms for Public Broadcasting (PB IV)

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21-CRB-0002-PBR (2023-2027)

Petition to Participate

Statement of Significant Interest
The Harry Fox Agency LLC ("HFA") has a significant interest in the instant proceeding within the meaning of 17 U.S.C. Section 804(a) because it serves as a licensing and collection agent on behalf of its publisher-principals with respect to the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted musical works used by public broadcasters. HFA is the leading provider of rights management, licensing, and royalty services for the U.S. music industry and was established in 1927 as an agency to license, collect, and distribute royalties on behalf of musical copyright owners. HFA represents more than 48,000 publisher-principals and over 7 million copyrighted musical works. HFA issues licenses for the use of musical works by public broadcasters, pursuant to 17 U.S.C. Section 118, and for use in a variety of products manufactured and distributed in the U.S. on behalf of these publishers. These licenses grant the rights to reproduce and distribute copyrighted musical compositions (songs) for use on CDs, records, tapes, ringtones, permanent digital downloads, interactive streams and other digital formats supporting various business models, including locker-based music services and bundled music offerings. In addition, HFA provides affiliated publishers with the opportunity to participate in other types of licensing arrangements including lyrics, guitar tablatures, background music services and more. Lastly, publishers that affiliate with HFA have access to a range of licensing, collection, distribution, and royalty compliance services, as well as to various online tools, to assist with catalog administration. Accordingly, HFA respectfully requests that it be granted leave to participate in the instant proceeding.
John C. Beiter
John C. Beiter
Beiter Law Firm, PLLC
The Harry Fox Agency LLC