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Determination of Rates and Terms for Digital Performance of Sound Recordings by New Subscription Services and Making of Ephemeral Copies to Facilitate Those Performances (NSS V)

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23-CRB-0013-NSR (2026-2030)

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SoundExchange, Inc.
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SoundExchange is a not-for-profit organization jointly controlled by representatives of sound recording copyright owners and artists. Its Board of Directors includes recording artist representatives, as well as representatives from the major record companies, independent record companies, the American Association of Independent Music, the American Federation of Musicians, SAG-AFTRA, and others. SoundExchange has advocated on behalf of artists and copyright owners in numerous prior proceedings, and the Copyright Royalty Judges have repeatedly designated SoundExchange as the Collective to receive and distribute Section 112 and 114 royalties. SoundExchange has collected and distributed more than ten billion dollars in statutory royalties on behalf of more than 650,000 featured recording artist and sound recording copyright owner accounts. SoundExchange thus represents the interest of sound recording copyright owners and featured artists who are entitled to a portion of the royalties paid by services claiming the benefits of the statutory licenses. Accordingly, SoundExchange, on its own behalf and on behalf of sound recording copyright owners and artists, has a significant interest in the royalty rates and terms that are the subject of this proceeding.
Steven R. Englund
Jenner & Block, LLP

Bradley Prendergast
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