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You may not need to register.

Anyone without a user account, including officers, employees, or representatives of corporate participants in CRB proceedings, has access to and can review public information in eCRB by simply clicking on Case search.

Registration is only required if you are:

  1. An attorney who files documents in CRB proceedings.
  2. A pro se participant who electronically files documents in CRB proceedings.
  3. Intending to file a claim, comment, notice of intent to audit, cue sheet, or transcript of hearing.
  4. Designated by an attorney to file documents in CRB proceedings on the attorney's behalf.

If one of the conditions above applies to you, please click continue below.

Account type

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User information

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Account credentials

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The sharing or use of another's identification or password is strictly prohibited. Registered users are responsible for all activity completed using their system credentials.