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Determination of Rates and Terms for Making and Distributing Phonorecords (Phonorecords IV)

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Phonorecords IV

Docket number

21-CRB-0001-PR (2023-2027)
Status Open Bifurcated per May 24, 2022 order.


  • Services LLC – Participant
  • Apple Inc. – Participant
  • Copyright Owners – Participant
  • Google LLC – Participant
  • Johnson, George – Participant
  • Joint Record Company Participants – Participant
  • Nashville Songwriters Association International – Participant
  • National Music Publishers' Association – Participant
  • Pandora Media, LLC – Participant
  • Powell, David – Participant
  • Sony Music Entertainment – Participant
  • Spotify USA Inc. – Participant
  • UMG Recordings, Inc. – Participant
  • Warner Music Group Corp. – Participant
  • Zisk, Brian – Participant
  • Broadcast Music, Inc. – Interested 3rd Party
  • MCNA – Interested 3rd Party
  • SoundExchange – Interested 3rd Party
  • SoundCloud Operations Inc. – Withdrawn


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40667 Download Joint Submission Regarding Redaction of August 25, 2022 Order Further to Order on Copyright Owners' Motions to Compel Amazon to Produce Unredacted Documents & Challenge Clawback Notice Notice Services LLC, Copyright Owners 01/29/2024 04:57 PM EST
40664 Download Order 66 on GEO Motion to Amend and Order regarding Redactions Order Copyright Royalty Board 01/25/2024 04:55 PM EST
40663 Download Notice Re Limited Downloads Notice Copyright Royalty Board 01/25/2024 04:28 PM EST
35301 Download GEO's Notice of of Controversy Regarding Spotify's Planned §106 Copyright Infringement in Violation of Compulsory License Law, MMA, CRB §115 rulings, Including Anticompetitive and Discriminatory Behavior Notice of Controversy Johnson, George 11/06/2023 11:09 PM EST
27892 Download GEO's Reply to Deny Record Label Response and Grant GEO'S Subpart B Motion to Correct 1.73 Cents COLA Miscalculation.pdf Reply Johnson, George 03/29/2023 03:44 AM EDT
27861 Download Response to Geo's Subpart B Motion Response in Opposition UMG Recordings, Inc., Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp. 03/23/2023 04:12 PM EDT
27814 Download GEO's Novel Material Question of Substantive Law: Is no COLA for Subpart C Arbitrary and Capricious While Subpart B Has a COLA Indexing and Ruling Set By the CRB Motion - Other Johnson, George 03/20/2023 01:12 PM EDT
27506 Download Proposed Order 66 Granting GEO's Motion to Amend 12 Cent Judgement to Include for 2021 and 2022 at 1.73 Cents Proposed Order Johnson, George 03/09/2023 05:54 PM EST
27507 Download GEO's Subpart B Motion for Relief to Amend 12 Cent Judgement to 13.73 Cents on January 1, 2023 to Correct No Proposed COLA by the Parties for 2021 and 2022 Motion - Other Johnson, George 03/09/2023 05:54 PM EST
27480 Download Public Order on Amazon Motion to Compel Production of Documents Concerning [RESTRICTED] Order Copyright Royalty Board 02/17/2023 12:35 PM EST